Briz French Horns are Wonderful and, Anonymous Feedback


I’d like to thank those who leave messages for me. I really appreciate the feedback. Someone has suggested that I get on Horn People FaceBook page and announce that I have Briz Horns for sale. I am on Horn People. Their rule is that you can only advertise a product once. I did that a long time ago. I like to follow the rules. I do have a Facebook page; Ringbrass and a website which you have found.

I’m honored to be able to provide Briz horns under the Briz brand name.


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One thought on “Briz French Horns are Wonderful and, Anonymous Feedback

  1. If I understand your website correctly, you have a Briz horn for sale? If so, could you let me know it’s specs and sale price? If not, please just let me know.


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