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RingBrass is Pleased to Provide Briz French Horns

Briz 2000 Geyer Style Horns:

Contact me right away for the best prices on Briz French Horns. See contact page.

I’ve been playing one of these for nearly two years now. Briz 2000 Geyer style horns are quite remarkable. The first thing you may notice is the quick full response in the low range, or possibly, the nicely “slotting” stable high range will get your attention. Even an old guy like me gets lucky above high C. They are light and easy to play. A wide range of tone colors is possible based on hand position and all the other factors that are under the control of the artist/musician. I will try and have several of these horns on hand at all times. Check for current availability. Almost everyone who plays one of these is quite impressed. See my blog titled Geyer and Briz Meet at Horns Across the Valley. Also John Ericson has recently written about horns made by Briz. These horns are very favorably mentioned in a number of Facebook horn group postings recently (Horns of Ohio, Capital Horn Club, Horn People). You will have to do the searching since I do not wish to insert the links here. I have a horn available for trial. I can also offer money back under certain conditions.

Close up of bell ring
Nickel Silver Briz 1000 with detachable flare and cord linkages


Briz Kruspe Style Horns:

Kruspe models are available including the Briz 980 and the Briz 1000. They can be produced in fixed bell and screw bell configurations. I have two Briz 1000 in Nickel Silver screw bell with string linkage configuration currently available. They have a very big sound and are exquisitely built. “Wow” would be a good way to describe them. Prices depend on type of brass, screw bell option and linkage options. I have a horn available for trial.

Zhu Kun Qiang

This video provides a peek inside the Briz factory and ends with a great display of technical virtuosity by the solo Horn player of the China National Symphony, Zhu Kun Qiang. You may want to watch it several times.


Here is a link to the Briz Website. Please come back to this website after you are finished looking. I had most of the interesting details of the specifications translated into English and have posted them here under the individual products. One particular part regarding attention to detail in the manufacture follows below. I’m not aware of any other place where the details have been translated into English.


Yuling Feng, business manager of Briz Musical Instrument, Ltd. She attended Tianjin Nakai Universty and earned a Masters of Business Administration degree. She is married to the owner of the Briz company.

Briz has been in business since 2000. They make a wide range of high quality French Horns. The have gone through an extensive process of development and improvement to arrive at the current level of excellence. Several of the features such as eliminating some connecting ferules has created a superior sound and ease of playing.

Regarding quality control and materials used (translated from the Chinese)::

In order to properly control the quality of the product, all of Briz Horn’s components are produced by the company, including the body of the horn, mouthpiece, tubing, valves, valve casings, bell, flare, etc. All fixtures, especially the body of the horn and the molding of the bell and the lead pipe, are made in strict accordance to design in a machine finishing center, effectively controlling the precise dimensions of various components of the Briz Horn. This ensures a pureness of sound, accurate intonation, and many possible tone colors over the entire dynamic range.

The brass plates, sheets, rods, and tubes that Briz Horn uses are produced by a professional brass and copper plant. Only new materials of extremely high purity are used in order to avoid affecting the horn’s sound.

The Briz 980s. 1000s and 2000s are professional grade horns made of brass alloy material, with a warm, rich sound and excellent balance and flexibility, and are appropriate for both solo and ensemble use. “The workmanship is exquisite, noble, and elegant.”

I paid a friend of mine to make the forgoing translation. He lived in China for two years and has a college degree in Chinese language. He is also a trumpet player so he was able to help with the mistranslations rendered by Google Translate. He also is a novel writer. Harrison Paul

5 thoughts on “Briz French Horns

  1. Tim Haas

    So how did this Chinese company develop the knowledge and skill to make these apparently excellent Western instruments? Did they simply copy the better horns or did experienced technician/engineers from established Western manufacturers spend time there in an advisory or leadership role? Dp any Western companies actually have financial interest in Briz? Do these horns resemble and are patterned after certain older brands and models?


      Thanks for the excellent question. I don’t know the totally correct answer to any part of your question. I do know that the overall level of quality of Chinese horns has risen over the past few years. Briz in particular seems committed to excellence. Currently they make an entire line of French Horns for Paxman, the famous French Horn Company in England. There is a nice writeup about it on John Ericson’s blog which I believe is called “Horn Matters.” I am aware that a high profile US horn repair person has been giving Briz suggestions to improve their product over the past few years. In terms of design, I am sure they have adopted certain configurations that have worked well in the past and possibly adapted/modified them to achieve improvements. You might take a look at the pictures which I have supplied on the website. The Kruspe type horn follows the general pattern but has some unique aspects compared to other manufacturers. The Briz Geyer type configuration is also unique in that it does not totally copy a true Geyer. It actually adopts part of the Knopf layout.
      If you are attending the IHS in Los Angeles this week, you could ask them. The owner of Briz is in attendance with his wife. She speaks English well enough to communicate many ideas about Briz horns. In addition, there is a big display of Briz products at the meeting or so I am led to understand. I will take a look on Tuesday when I return to the Symposium. I had to return home this evening because my services are required on Monday evening. If I find out anything I will re-reply. So yes there has been input. I even gave them a suggestion or two. Possibly Paxman lent them some expertise.
      By way of testimonial, the first time I played a Briz horn at a trade show, it was an astonishing and exhilarating experience. I took one home. The next year I took home two. Then three. One truly needs to try them and decide for oneself if it feels right. I could say other things I have heard second or third hand but the information could be totally unreliable so I will stop here. Thanks again for your interest. Ted Greaves

  2. L A Baez

    I bought a Briz 1000N from RingBrass for my daughter and we are very pleased. She used to play a King horn that she liked but the Briz sound is richer and more ergonomic and easier to play. The horn arrived in immaculate condition and we are very pleased with RingBrass service and excellent communication.


      Thanks for the feedback. This is truly a great French Horn.

  3. Chase Berryman

    I received mine just 3 days after ordering, in perfect condition. The horn is great! Great response, very brilliant sound, and a beautiful, soft tone. Thanks so much!

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