Briz Horn and the Massive Explosion in Tianjin (Binhai)

On August 12 there was a massive explosion in Binhai region of Tianjin. From the maps it looked to me that I was a mere 10 miles from the Briz factory. Since there were reports of windows being blown out for miles from the blast I was worried that the factory was affected and i got no response to me emails. But I see that Briz posted the story about Zeng Yun some two (2) weeks after the blast so I assume all is well.

The Google translation of  one page states that Briz has made tens of thousands of french horns in the time it has been in existence.

I think were are closer to knowing the origin of the name “Briz.” One of the Briz website pages says it is derived from the Chinese “Bo Ruize” thus BRIZ. I know several surgeons who are from China and can help me with the translation. I’ll let you know what I find out.

There are some interesting youtube videos of the explosion. I’m going to get a translation of the Chinese narration of one of them. It might be as interesting as the English narration of the first one listed below. It is R rated so don’t click if you find foul language to be offensive.

Here is a Chinese language version

I wonder if the words being used have the same meaning? I’ll be back with the answer soon enough.


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