What People are Saying About Briz Horns

B-Flat second slide pull ring
B-Flat second slide pull ring

Once people get these horns into their hands they are discovering some amazing things. The statements are rather interesting to say the least.

From a Student in Georgia:

“Please, please, please ask the maker of these fabulous double horns to start making descant and triple horns at a price affordable for students. Descant and triple horns are what they really want and many need, especially to be successful, but halfway decent ones cost a fortune. His double horns are priced fairly, and a similarly (fairly) priced descant or a little more expensive triple would get him lots of business and happy horn players. Thanks! PS: By affordable price I meant like a Finke Triple selling for about $8500”

More from the same student:

“Also, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done! When I play on the Briz, it is like I am a completely different player, a much better player with much more experience. The variety of tone colous and complexity of the tone never ceases to amaze me. I often wonder if it is even me making the sound that comes out! Without you, I most likely would have gotten a much more mediocre horn which I would much less enjoy.

Stupendously yours, Jonathan

From the mother of a student looking for a new horn:

My son is interested in purchasing a Briz horn. He was able to play a fellow student’s and loved it. What is the difference in the Briz 2000G and the 2000Y models? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Donna


Love to hear from those who have been playing one of these for a while.

Briz French Horns are Wonderful and, Anonymous Feedback


I’d like to thank those who leave messages for me. I really appreciate the feedback. Someone has suggested that I get on Horn People FaceBook page and announce that I have Briz Horns for sale. I am on Horn People. Their rule is that you can only advertise a product once. I did that a long time ago. I like to follow the rules. I do have a Facebook page; Ringbrass and a website which you have found.

I’m honored to be able to provide Briz horns under the Briz brand name.


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Briz Horn and Ring Brass Wagner Tuba at International Horn Symposium LA

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I will be at the International Horn Symposium Sunday and part of Monday morning as well by noon on Tuesday and all day Wednesday. There is a small chance I can be in attendance on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well depending on demands placed on my time at home (Central California). Its a 220 mile drive but my car knows the way. So, I will have additional time when people can try a Briz Horn or one of my custom made Ring Brass Wagner Tubas. I might even bring a few Wagner Tubas. If you are interested in playing one of these please notify me in advance. I have limited space in my car. Also since I am a late comer to this process, I am not an official exhibitor and so any demo will have to be off site. You may respond directly to this post or use my contact page. My special e-pricing will be available at the meeting. This is your chance to save on shipping.



Other Names for BRIZ Horns


Best Price for a Briz Horn

Briz French Horns are the best horns coming out of China right now. I can provide them for the lowest price through my e-pricing program.

Paxman sells Briz

Briz horns have been picked by Paxman to produce a fine line of horns. There are several Paxman Models made specifically by Briz for Paxman. John Ericson’s recent blog of April 4, 2015 details this news. See Paxman Series 4 and Paxman Academy or Series 3 horn.

Who else sells Briz Horns?

Briz Horns are marketed by several prominent US Horn dealers including an alliance of two individuals; one in Boston area and one in St. Louis. They are selling the Geyer model together. The Kruspe model Briz horn is also being marketed under a slightly different name but it appears to be Briz. The name they have chosen for the Kruspe model is the same as the three-letter name of a wild animal that has large antlers and is known for its bugling call. No doubt, the riveting and awesome sound produced by the Briz 1000N is worthy of the majesty of that animal. There is also a dealer of the Kruspe model Briz horns located in New Jersey.

Ringbrass carries top of the line BRIZ Horns1 JPG

I have chosen to market the top of the line Briz Kruspe model and Briz Geyer model horns under the Briz name. The name of my company is Ringbrass, but I proudly market Briz French Horns under the BRIZ name. Where does the name Briz come from? I don’t know. I’ve tried to find out. I will keep looking. Stay tuned for the next installment in my search for the origin of the Briz name.

In the meantime, check out my full website for the great Briz horns I have in stock right now. You will get the best price from me on these amazing horns.

I can meet up at the International Horn Society meeting in August (4th and 5th only) and let you try a Briz Horn. We will have to meet off site since I am not an officially registered vendor/exhibitor for the meeting. Let me know if you would like to take a look.


Briz Kruspe style French Horn

The Briz Kruspe style French Horns are available in several price ranges and can be made from three different materials and configured with or without screw bell. More information is available on my FaceBook page. Search “ringbrass facebook” These horns measure up to any Kruspe style horn and are quite affordable at least for now.


Nickel Silver Briz 1000N with Detachable Bell

Nickel Silver Briz 1000 with detachable flare and cord linkages
Nickel Silver Briz 1000 with detachable flare and cord linkages
Briz 1000N
Briz 1000N

This week I received two (2) Briz 1000N nickel-silver French Horns. They are both magnificent. I test played them and found them to be identical in performance. The upper range is very easy and crisp. The low range as expected is bold sounding and very responsive. Overall the tone is the big sound one would expect from a Kruspe style nickel-silver horn. This horn is capable of many tone colors depending on embouchure, hand position and other factors. Intonation is excellent. I’ll try to get some better pictures in daylight to better show the color.