Environmental Pitches Remind Me of Classical Music Tunes


Do various classical music tunes/themes come to mind when you hear environmental tones? What do I mean by environmental tones? Well, the hum of an elevator for example. There is one that I ride frequently that makes me think of Brahms violin concerto. Could it be that the pitch of the elevator hum is a D? Maybe?

The other day I was sitting in the MRI control room watching a YouTube video of a flash mob doing Beethoven’s 9th. I noticed that the pulsation of the MRI was right in tune with the flash mob rendition of Ode to Joy. I pulled out my smartphone and went to the tuner app. I hummed the tone of the MRI and low and behold it was a “D”. Beethoven’s 9th is in D minor but the triumphal part of the last movement is in D major. Yeah? Is there something about the key of D? Or maybe there is something deep within me that identifies with what key of D is all about? Of course the key of D major is a great key to use for a violin concerto. The strings all resonate sympathetically with D. So Brahms is joined by Tchaikowsky, Beethoven, Mozart x2, etc. I’ve always loved Brahms second symphony.

If this ever happens to you please let me know. It could be the basis of an interesting piece especially if individuals have a tendency to notice tones that are the same pitch. Looks like my pitch might be D.

In the meantime I’m practicing up for our next concert. We are doing Echoes of Ossian, the Tchaikowsy Festival Overture on the Danish National Anthem, and Carl Nielsen Symphony #1. I’m playing the low parts this time around. My Briz 2000G really comes through for me in the low range just as it does in the higher ranges. I hope I am not getting lazy because the Briz is so easy to play? Or maybe it is so much fun to play I am practicing more?


Modified Briz Horns vs. Pristine Un-Altered Briz French Horns


In the past several days I have received inquiries regarding “modifications’ made to the Briz 2000 French horns being offered by others. People want to know the difference between the Briz Horns I have available vs. those offered by others.

Very simply my horns are unaltered pristine Briz horns. The horns offered by “others” are modified from the original factory configurations? Improved? I have no idea.

Until I get details I have no better answer than that.

By way of testimonial; in the three years I’ve been playing Briz horns, I’m not aware of major modifications that have been needed. I do believe in continuous quality improvement but also believe that “the enemy of great is perfect.” One meaning of that is that too many changes can ruin a good thing.

Briz Engraved Valve Caps
Briz Engraved Valve Caps

Imagine a scenario where a Steinway dealer would announce that they have modified their Steinway pianos to make them better than “factory new.” Hmm. I would wonder if it was just a sales gimmick. Of course a new piano needs voicing and regulation so who knows? Horns may need a little break in time.

If someone knows exactly what the “modifications” are, I would appreciate someone letting me know. I would pass the information on to people who inquire of me. In the mean time I will continue to offer un-altered factory pristine Briz French horns.


Briz 2000G and Bruckner 4

Tonight the 1st Horn Player had a paying gig and missed our (non-paying) rehearsal so I got to fill in on first part. I was totally amazed at how easily I was able to control the piano and pianissimo entrances on the solos in the second movement especially. My Briz 2000G is so responsive and easy to control. I have to say that a great string section probably had something to do with how good I thought I sounded. I guess it always sounds great when you are singing in the shower. Maybe not so good when you listen to the recording. Still I had lots of fun.

I have several of these horns and few recent inquiries. I might try and sell one on eBay. It seems that the time that people are buying horns is when they have to give back the free school horns. So maybe it will pickup soon.