Affordable Full Double Wagner Tuba

The Ring Wagner Tuba is a marvelous instrument but has limitations on the F side as would be expected in a compensator and as has been described by John Ericson on his blog. I’m wondering if anyone out there would be interested in a full double Wagner Tuba that would be more affordable than the European options of which there are many wonderful ones. But quite expensive. The Hoyer Double is listed at over $13,000 for example. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Zeng Yun Takes Second Playing Briz 2000 Horn

Zeng Yun Plays Briz 2000
Zeng Yun Plays Briz 2000

I have used the above photo without permission.

Zeng Yun took second place in the International Horn Competition of America in August. Here is a link to the write up on the Briz website.

Please come back to this website after reading.

Its interesting to me that he plays what appears to be a yellow brass horn with a garland or kranz on the bell flare. I also prefer the yellow brass horn with a garland. When I played yellow brass 2000 Briz horns at the music convention in Anaheim it seemed that the tone and control was slightly improved for my playing when I used a bell flare with a garland. The gold brass and nickel silver Briz 2000 horns did not seem to need the flare with a kranz to achieve the sound and stability that my playing technique seems to need.

Here is another link to Zeng Yun. If I read it correctly is he only a teenager even now?


Special Discount on Ring Brass Wagner Tubas During IHS

For anyone who orders the Ringbrass Wagner Tuba during IHS (August 2-8) I will knock $100 off of the normal price of $1099. Plus shipping, insurance and California sales tax (if you are lucky enough to live in California). Shipping is about $40 plus insurance. I would much prefer to sell them direct rather than through eBay. eBay charges a 10% commission.  Shipping from China is at least $250. I have that cost built into the price. No other discounts will apply. These will be shipped from my warehouse to your home in the US only. No international shipping. Click here for more details.

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Questions about my e-Price

I’ve received several inquiries about my e-Price. The e-Price is a discount off of the advertised price on my website. It is good for three days once I quote a price in response to an inquiry.

Here is what I suggest you do; find the best advertised price you can for the specific model you want. Show me the advertised price or an email offering a price for the exact model you want and I will beat the price if I have the identical horn in stock. The Briz horns are worth every penny of the full price and are a little hard to come by. No doubt the price will rise quickly. So if you would like to get one of these beauties at an affordable e-Price, you’d best act now. I don’t know if I can continue with this pricing program indefinitely.


International Horn Society 2015 Briz French Horn

By a stroke of luck it looks like I will be able to attend two of the days of the symposium in Los Angeles this August. August 4,5. I will definitely be bringing my Briz 2000G to play in the warmups and reading sessions. I am not an official exhibitor at the event but could arrange to allow a trial of various models off site if anyone is interested. Please contact me through the menu item “contact” which is totally confidential or you can leave a comment to this post. Either way I will arrange to bring the model you are interested in trying to the meeting. I plan on attending as many sessions as I possibly can before I drive back home to  Central California so the trial sessions will need to be short. I will be offering e-pricing during the entire time of the meeting. Ask about e-pricing.

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Briz French Horn Magic Happens


Tonight while playing fourth part on the Bruckner 4th something magical happened. My Briz 2000 Gold Brass Horn started making absolutely amazing sounds. With my help of course, but you see, it had never sounded that great before. Its like the horn was suddenly becoming completely “broken-in.” All the manufacturing stress was relieved due to all the playing I’ve put on it in a year. And finally, with the triple f playing specified by Bruckner, well it got to French Horn Nirvana. I can’t wait to get it out of the case and play some more after rehearsal.

I’ve never owned a totally new horn before so this was a brand new experience for me. I really am envious of  all those people who are going have the experience of breaking-in one of these fantastic horns. The Briz 2000 is a Geyer wrap horn and comes in yellow brass, gold brass and nickel silver. The slides are nickel silver. They are all screw bell and can be ordered with cord (string) linkages or minibar (mechanical) linkages.