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2000G_Single Piece F-Branch copy

Here is a magnificent piece of work. The F branch of the Briz 2000, which comes off of the third valve in front, is one continuous piece with no joints or ferrules except right where it comes off of the valve casing. Do you know how hard this is to do? Its nearly a miracle to get the single long piece of tubing bent perfectly so it matches up exactly with the F tuning slide in the back. This is just another example of the Briz stellar workmanship. Wow!

First Branch Briz 1000N
First Branch Briz 1000N


I wanted to take a picture showing the first branch connection to the change valve. Clicking on this image will bring up the big picture. Look carefully and you will see that there is no ferrule connecting the first branch to the top of the change valve. This seamless assembly requires great skill and results in better sound production. Its well worth the slight extra cost because of the massive extra value. For comparison look at the same view of the Briz 980. The same connection involves a ferrule to the valve casing.

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