Modified Briz Horns vs. Pristine Un-Altered Briz French Horns


In the past several days I have received inquiries regarding “modifications’ made to the Briz 2000 French horns being offered by others. People want to know the difference between the Briz Horns I have available vs. those offered by others.

Very simply my horns are unaltered pristine Briz horns. The horns offered by “others” are modified from the original factory configurations? Improved? I have no idea.

Until I get details I have no better answer than that.

By way of testimonial; in the three years I’ve been playing Briz horns, I’m not aware of major modifications that have been needed. I do believe in continuous quality improvement but also believe that “the enemy of great is perfect.” One meaning of that is that too many changes can ruin a good thing.

Briz Engraved Valve Caps
Briz Engraved Valve Caps

Imagine a scenario where a Steinway dealer would announce that they have modified their Steinway pianos to make them better than “factory new.” Hmm. I would wonder if it was just a sales gimmick. Of course a new piano needs voicing and regulation so who knows? Horns may need a little break in time.

If someone knows exactly what the “modifications” are, I would appreciate someone letting me know. I would pass the information on to people who inquire of me. In the mean time I will continue to offer un-altered factory pristine Briz French horns.


2 thoughts on “Modified Briz Horns vs. Pristine Un-Altered Briz French Horns

  1. Steve Hastings

    I’ve heard the other Briz horns are a special model created by Ken pope and Ion Balu. It is called the Alliance horn and not the Briz 2000. Zheng Yun, one of the finalists of the International horn competition plays this Pope Alliance horn.


      Thanks for that useful information. My initial understanding was that Ken and Ion originally created an alliance to sell the Briz 2000. So now they are selling a horn they are calling the Alliance Horn. People have also told me that there are possible improvements and modifications they have made to the horns. I believe in continuous quality improvement and so the Alliance horn could be a slightly better horn than a Briz 2000 which is made by the exact same technicians on the very same machines in the very same factory, etc. Ken and Ion are certainly magicians when it comes to French horns. Maybe wizards would be a better descriptor. There is a chance Ken even worked on my Kruspe back in the 1980’s when he worked at Osmun Brass and I lived in Winthrop Mass. So are the alliance horns different? I see they have a medallion on the side. In that respect they are different. So are the alliance horns better? If so in what way? i’d like to know so I can tell people who ask me. It certainly is a good idea in marketing to distinguish yourself and your product from others who are also participating in the market. So you could say that my Briz 2000 horns are “non-alliance horns.”

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