BRIZ 2000N


I only have one of these left. Contact me right away for a great horn at a nice discount.

The Briz 2000 Nickel Silver is a somewhat rare horn. When I showed one to a highly respected technician he commented that it is rare to see a Geyer style horn made of Nickel Silver. They are elegant looking and produce a magnificent sound. Thanks to Convex Photography.

  • Key: B-flat, F
  • Pitch: A=442
  • Bore: 0.468 inch
  • Flare size: 12 1/4 inch
  • Bell Flare: Detachable
  • Metal: The entire horn except the rotors and the bell ring is made of nickel silver. The bell ring is yellow brass
  • Rotors: Precision ground, hand lapped, tapered and made of brass. If you look at the picture of the valves with the caps off on the gold brass page you will see the yellow color of the rotors peeking through.
  • Key linkages: Cord or Mechanical. Mechanical is extra
  • Weight: 5 lb 2 oz

MSRP start at $4628. Mechanical linkages and other options extra. If you would like an “e-price” let me know.

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6 thoughts on “BRIZ 2000N

  1. Alison Snith

    Do you still have the Briz 2000 N available? What is the price? We are looking for a Briz and would appreciate any guidance on the difference between the three 2000 models. Thank you!


    Thanks for the excellent question. The Briz 2000Y has the brightest sound of the three models. Some say it carries better in a large hall. The metal is intermediate in softness and holds up well in terms of being resistant to dings. Some horn instructors are encouraging their students to buy this model. The metal is fairly easy to work and is the least costly and so the price structure is at entry level. The Briz 2000N is made with nickel silver which is actually a type of brass which contains about 20% nickel. It also contains a lot of copper and some zinc. It is the hardest material of the three and is somewhat more costly. Thus it is at the top of the price structure. The sound tends to be a little bigger and darker than the yellow brass. However, a good musician should be able to produce many tone colors on this horn. I’ve sold several of them and the buyers have never looked back. The Conn 8D is made of nickel silver and they seem to carry well. The Briz 2000G is made from a brass that is higher in copper content than the 2000Y (yellow brass). It is a bit more costly and the material is slightly softer. The sound is a bit darker and more pleasing up close especially to the horn player. I play on one of these. I really like it and have had no issues with it. They are all great horns. I’m sure I could be happy playing any of the models.

  3. Chase Berryman

    Hello, I am looking for my first professional horn. Right now I am considering the Hans Hoyer 7801, Yamaha YHR 671d, and any of the Briz horns. Would you mind helping me differentiate these horns?

  4. Michael Kurth

    Also interested. Do you still have one of these?


    Sorry, I don’t have any. I’ll try and get more. I’ll let you know if any come in.

  6. Kate Phillips

    Hi, how big is the throat on these horns?

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