BRIZ 2000Y


2000Y_FrontThe Briz 2000Y is made of brighter brass. It produces a brighter sound but has a very wide range of tonal possibilities by means of maneuvers with the right hand and other techniques the artist can employee with the embouchure and mouth chamber. Thanks to Convex Photography

  • Key: B-flat, F
  • Pitch: A=442
  • Bore: 0.468 inch
  • Flare size: 12 1/4 inch
  • Detachable
  • Metal: Yellow brass Bell, branches and lead pipe and valve casings.The slides are nickel silver
  • Rotors: Precision ground, hand lapped, tapered and made of nickel silver.
  • Key linkages: Cord or Mechanical. Mechanical is extra
  • Weight: 5 Lb. 2 Oz.

MSRP start at $4099 Mechanical linkages and other options are extra. Would you like me to quote you my “e-price” for one of these beauties? If so let me know.

image12 JPG

Here is a private link to a brief clip of my good friend Jerry Phantamany playing the Reinhold Gliere French Horn Concerto at his senior recital. Note the magnificent tone of the Briz 2000Y in his performance.

6 thoughts on “BRIZ 2000Y

  1. Jerry Phanthamany

    I’ve been using the briz 2000y for a little over a year now and it has been my favorite, by far. I have used all the standards in the past and the briz gives a great, deep sound that has been well received in both large and small ensembles.

  2. Paul Wellington

    How do your Briz horn’s differ from the ones that Pope repair are claiming to have customized or hand chosen in some way?



      Thanks for the excellent question. I was not aware that the Briz horns needed modifications. My horns are pristine un-altered straight-from-the-factory Briz horns. They all play marvelously. I check them all to make sure there are no problems prior to shipping.

      So if someone wants an authentic un-altered Briz horn I have those immediately available. If someone wants an altered Briz French Horn then they would buy from Pope repair which you mentioned above. I don’t know if the following example is applicable but imagine a Steinway piano dealer announcing that they had modified Steinways making them better than factory Steinways. Sounds to me like a gimmick to attract buyers.

      I do believe in continuous quality improvement, however, there is an old saying “perfect is the enemy of great.” There are several interpretations of this saying. One interpretation is that you can ruin a good thing with too many changes.

      I have been playing a Briz 2000G for over two years and played a Briz 2000Y for a year before that. They are both fabulous horns. I would be hard pressed to come up with an improvement.

      Please, if you find out what the modifications (alleged improvements?) are, please let me know.


      Ted Greaves



      Possibly Ken went to China and hand picked some horns to ship to the U.S. I don’t know.

  3. Michael Turkaly

    What would your e-price be on the Briz 2000Y ? Also what is main difference between mechanical v. Chord ? I have a 14yo who plays in WVYSO. THANK YOU

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