Briz Kruspe Style French Horns


Click on these images for close inspection of the Kruspe Style Briz Horns



I will have two levels of Kruspe style horns available. The Briz 980 and Briz 1000. Pictured above are the front and back of the Briz 1000N French Horn. The Horn below is a fixed bell Nickel Silver Briz 1000. Those will available by special order only. I will be keeping several screw bell Briz 1000’s on hand. Although the two models (980 and 1000) look very similar, with the model 1000, several connections in the tubing by the thumb valve have been eliminated.This necessitates much more time for the precise assembly but produces a more even flow and a bigger sound. This is one of the features that distinguishes the Briz 1000 from the Briz 980. Briz 980 MSRP start at $2958. Briz 1000 MSRP start at $3779. Price depends on material and whether the bell is detachable or fixed. I can offer you an “e-price” on the model you want if you contact me.


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