BRIZ 1000N


The Briz 1000N is the result of many years of research and design. This is a professional level musical instrument that produces the big sound expected of a Kruspe style horn. It is free blowing, light weight and very satisfying to play. There are some features that set the Briz 1000 apart:

1) Several tubing joints close to the change valve have been eliminated resulting in more even air flow and smoother playing. Although this increases the complexity of production and assembly significantly, the improvement in performance is well worth the cost.

2) Superior valves requiring more hand finishing.

The case is either a compact case for detachable bell configuration or a standard shaped case.

  • Metal: Nickel Silver Body and Bell
  • Pitch: A=442
  • Key: F/B-flat with reversible thumb key
  • Rotors: Precision ground, hand lapped, tapered. The valve rotors are brass and the casings and bearings are nickel silver.
  • Linkages are cord. Elegant engraved valve caps are standard. Adjustable pinky hook
  • Bore: 0.468 inch
  • Bell Size: 12.125 inch. Large American style throat is standard.
  • Bell Flare: Fixed or Detachable (detachable is extra). The Briz bell ring is a unique proprietary product.
  • Weight 5 lb 2 oz
  • Options: Smaller European Bell, special taper leadpipe, larger bore 0.470. Bare brass. These would be special ordered only after consulting with the manufacturer

MSRP starts at $3779. I can offer “e-pricing.” If you would like to know the e-price for this horn let me know.

I’ve received two beautiful Briz 1000N horns. They have detachable bells and a golden bell ring. I test played both and they are very easy to play. The response in the higher part of the tessitura is crisp and surprisingly so. I also play a pre-WWII Kruspe with rebuilt valves, a modern 8D, a rose brass bell 10D and a King Fidelio among others. Each horn has its own personality. The two Briz 1000N horns are fairly consistent with each other and are unique compared to the aforementioned horns.

Contact me if you are interested in one of these beauties.

Briz 1000N
Briz 1000N


The camera makes the Nickel Silver look a little bit red. Did you know that Nickel Silver is 60% copper? Maybe the sensors in the camera can see the copper better than the human eye?





4 thoughts on “BRIZ 1000N

  1. Rachelle Leech

    Do you have any inexpensive Double French Horn? Something under $1,000 that’s in good playing condition. I’m on disability, so I don’t have a lot of money to spend on a top of the line horn. Thank you.


      I have an essentially new Jinbao French horn. it is really a good instrument. It needs some modifications though to play really acceptably. It appears to have been made in the key of E flat rather than in F. I may just have it modified so that it plays in F. I will let you know what the technician says. I got rid of all the other ones. If you want a horn I can possibly pick one up for you at the NAMM show. I would test play it. You could buy something off of ebay possibly.

      Ted Greaves

      PS: I’d be glad to speak with you on the phone too.

  2. Clark

    Hi there I noticed this great horn starting to gain some popularity. I was wondering where to purchase one from and how much the e-pricing would be? Also, will this come with a case?


      Hi, Wish I had a few more of these to sell. I don’t. If I get any more in I will let you know.

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