Briz 980 Kruspe Style French Horn


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Briz 980G

The pictured horn is a Briz 980 with gold brass bell, first branch and leadpipe. The body, valves, slides and tubings are made of nickel silver. These horns are free blowing and produce a big sound. MSRP starts at $2958 depending on material, fixed or detached bell and linkage. I’m offering “e-pricing” on these.  I have one of these ready to go.. This horn compares favorably with Kruspe style horns that are popular in the US. Let me know if you would like an e-price.

  • Metal: Nickel Silver Body, slides. Gold brass bell, flare and first branch. Can be ordered with nickel silver branches.
  • Pitch: A=442
  • Key: F/B-flat with reversible thumb key
  • Rotors: Precision ground, hand lapped, tapered. The valve rotors are brass and the casings and bearings are nickel silver.
  • Linkages are cord. Elegant engraved valve caps are standard. Adjustable pinky hook
  • Bore: 0.468 inch
  • Bell Size: 12.125 inch. Large American style throat is standard.
  • Bell Flare: Fixed or Detachable (detachable is extra). The Briz bell ring is a unique proprietary product.
  • Weight 5 lb 2 oz
  • Options: Smaller European Bell, special taper leadpipe, Bare brass. These would be special ordered only after consulting with the manufacturer


IMG_32881 JPG

The colors are difficult to accurately capture. The large picture above was taken in a studio with an expensive camera. The small one was taken by me with an iPhone. The iPhone obviously makes brasses appear redder than is perceived by the human eye.

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