Briz Makes Bell Flares with Garlands or Kranzen

2000N_Bell Ring

Briz Bell Rings are standard on the Briz 2000 style horn. They are optional on the Kruspe style horns. The thread patterns are Alexander style. The ring itself is a unique Briz design. I have been told that the Briz valve ring is not compatible with any other brand of bell ring. Besides making it possible to place the horn in a travel case, the screw bell configuration allows the use of alternate bell flares.

Briz is a very forward looking company and makes special bell flares for their horns with garlands. In Germany they call these things Kranzen or something like that. I never studied German so I could be wrong. While at NAMM I tried out several horns with bells with these garlands. The garlands deepen the tone and seem to stabilize the sound a bit at fortissimo in the higher range. They can be specially ordered. Lead time is about 2-3 months unless they happen to have one on the shelf.


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