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Refer to individual web pages for prices. Individual horns can be viewed by clicking the links at right.

Briz 2000N with detachable bell and mechanical valve linkages (1).


Briz 980G with detachable bell and string linkages (1)

Briz 1000N with detachable bell and string linkages 92). Please note that the ones I have are detachable bell and not fixed as shown in the first picture.

Close up of bell ring
Nickel Silver Briz 1000 with detachable flare and cord linkages

Briz 2000G with detachable bell and mechanical linkages (1). Note this is the horn I have been playing and is therefore offered as a used instrument at a significant discount if anyone is desperate to get one immediately. I have two new ones on order and they should be here next week.  I will continue playing this model as it suites me quite well. Once the new ones arrive, this one will not be available since it is my horn.

Briz 2000Y  (1). Immediately available

Briz 1000G (1) Immediately available for shipment.


Briz 2000G  (2). These are immediately available. Does come with the grip cover.

I can special order other horns in different configurations. The lead time looks like about 3 months.

Ring Brass Wagner Horns with medallion (N). I have several of these.

Wagner Horn
Ring Brass Compensating Double Wagner Tuba B-flat/F

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