Ring Brass Wagner Tubas

Ring Brass Wagner Tuba. Note the medallion with the Ring logo made from Nickel Silver


DSC_1752Wagner tubas_Interacting

The mysterious Wagner Tuba is now within the reach of all Horn players due to the rise in quality of musical instruments coming from China. At one point there were several Chinese manufacturers of the compensating double Wagner horn. Its down to just two manufacturers now.  Jinbao is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in China. Quality is their primary objective. Here is a preview of the new Wagner Horns. If you look carefully at the darker picture you can see the gold brass in the bell and lead pipe, the nickel silver slides and “RING” medallion and the yellow brass valves and associated tubing. I will let these go for $1099 plus shipping. Standard shipping is typically about $40 plus insurance. I will pack them extremely well. If you live in California we will need to add tax. I will test play each one and make sure that quality is high. The valve rotors are made from nickel silver. This represents a significant upgrade from other products on the market right now. I offer e-pricing on these. If you would like an “e-price” let me know. Your e-price will be a nice discount off of the list price and will be good for 3 business days. I also have several older model Jinbao manufactured Wagner Tuben that I will sell for $699 plus shipping and packaging. See the used instruments page for details.





Back side of valve block
Back side of valve block

The Wagner Tuba comes with minibar linkages and a switchable change valve.

Bell and first branch:Gold brass

Lead Pipe: Gold Brass

Tuning slides: Nickel Silver, the loops are made of yellow brass

Valve Rotors: Nickel Silver

Key: B-Flat/F is fully switchable

Bore: 0.468 inches

Bell: 10 inches


Use the following form to contact me if interested in getting details about the Ring Brass Wagner Tuba. Its the best Chinese Wagner Tuba on the market presently.


Here is a link to a YouTube video I made several years ago with my friend Paul Sharp. He has played solo horn with Deutsche Oper Berlin for several decades.

If you would like to learn more about the history of the Wagner Tuba (tube) I would highly recommend the book by William Melton. It can be purchased directly from the publisher in Europe. Here is the link. Don’t forget to come back.


I read it several times. It is not available on Amazon.

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