Used French Horns


King 1159 double Kruspe style French Horn. $499. (SOLD)


Ask me about this nice horn
Used Holton Descant. $3099.

This plays extremely well. It comes with two mouthpieces including a Schilke 28. Also has

an “H” section to allow either muting in B-flat or transposition. The case is a flat one. I have

more modern travel case for it which I will sell for $150 with the horn. Otherwise its going separately.


I have four older model Wagner Horns that I will sell for $699 each plus shipping and packaging. These horns stand in B-flat and are not switchable. They all sound great. They were modified just slightly because they seemed to be a little bit too long. They were hard to play up to pitch.

I have a newer version of the old model as well which I will sell for $749 plus shipping and packaging. It also is not switchable. If interested i can send pictures.

I have a Jinbao model JBFH-600 that is gorgeous and sounds magnificent. Just one problem. It is also flat. Probably 3/4 inch off of the main tuning slide would do the job. This is a great horn if someone wants to take on the project. It is a Knopf configuration. $299 plus shipping and packaging. This is a great deal.

Jinbao model JBFH-602. This is a Conn 10D clone. Not the same quality but it plays really well. It has a cosmetic defect that decreases its value a bit. Pictures are available on request. $299 plus shipping and packaging


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  1. Girlinger Hermann

    please send me the last price for the Holton descant – and some more pictures Thanks

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