Paul Sharp, Solo Horn Player, Wagner Tuba Player, Deutsche Oper Berlin

Paul Sharp
Paul Sharp

Paul and I are the same age and would have attended the same intermediate school but he moved just before we started 7th grade. Our paths crossed later in life however at the University of Utah in the music department. I was always amazed at his horn playing ability and once asked him what was his secret to playing so well. He said it was simply playing/practicing at least six hours every day. I lost track of him, but later found him by means of the internet. He was playing in Berlin. His story of finding a permanent gig is interesting and includes stints in South America, several German orchestras and some time in Bayreuth.

Take a look at his page at Deutsche Oper Berlin. If you look at the group photo of the orchestra on the website he is on the front row far end. Donald Runnicles is in the middle.

About that time I was trying to start playing horn again after a 27 year lay off. Paul was very helpful giving me advice on what to do to get back my chops and get back into enjoying playing horn. With his advice/help and some significant effort on my part I got back to a level of playing that has resulted in much enjoyment and fulfillment. My advice to horn players everywhere is to never stop playing.

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  1. Will Pencke

    Another thought on Paul Sharp: I played for over a year with him in Germany. As I recall early on he worked with Andre van Driessche, after which Paul soon was hired in Berlin. I sold Paul a horn. I don’t know if he used it very much. Its my impression that some American horn players, strive for a very bright horn sound. I don’t know if the horn I sold Paul produced a very bright sound.

    Now retired, I live in Glasgow, where I often witness Don Runnicles, also formerly in Mannheim and a gifted horn talent as well, conducting his superb Scottish BBC Orchestra. So give Scharpi my best!

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