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Ring Brass is a specialty company providing the best of Asian French Horns and Wagner Tubas.



Ring Brass is featuring Briz French Horns. After a six year search we are finally able to offer an exciting professional level French Horn from an Chinese manufacturer. At least for now, they are affordable, even for the struggling student. Professionals love them too. These magnificent horns are available in Geyer and Kruspe styles and at several price points. They are meticulously handmade and play marvelously. They are “the real deal,” if I correctly recall the inimitable words of John Rogers, owner of Paxman. At least I can say without hesitation that they are “the real deal.” The BRIZ logo is a registered trademark of Briz Musical Instrument Ltd.

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We also offer an affordable compensating double Wagner Tuba that has a rose brass bell and lead pipe and a reversible change valve. Valve rotors are fabricated from nickel silver. I will post pictures soon. These should be the most elegant and authentic sounding affordable Wagner Tubas available.




I’m Theodore Greaves, proprietor of Ring Brass. I’ve been playing horn since 1965. I graduated from the University of Utah in 1975 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Metallurgical Engineering.

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4 thoughts on “About Ring Brass

  1. Jessica

    Nice website!

  2. Ame

    My question is not meant to insult, so please do not take it as such. I have heard very bad reviews of Chinese horns, mostly from local horn players. Can you give me some idea of why? I have the opportunity to purchase and older Ring horn, which looks lovely, but I am reluctant because I have been cautioned against Chinese horns.

    • ringbrass.com-admin

      Thanks for asking about Chinese Horns. There are many, many Chinese manufacturers of French Horns. The Chinese are quite excellent at making beautiful looking musical instruments. They have the advantage over U.S. and European and Japanese and even Taiwanese manufacturers in that their labor costs are much less. The concern with many Chinese manufacturers is that there is no easy way to get parts if there is a major repair. In many cases there are few things that will break so buying a Chinese horn can work out well and many are sold in the U.S. on eBay for example. Some of the Chinese manufacturers have also been challenged with consistency of quality issues. I am not an expert on all Chinese instrument manufacturers. I can say that I know quite a bit about Briz French Horns. They are outstanding in every way. The quality control is superb. Workmanship is world class. There is support from the manufacturer. Replacement/Repair parts are readily available. Playability is marvelous. Etc. They look great too. I also know a bit about Jinbao musical instruments. Although they are very good in the professional lines, the standard ones are not handmade horns like the Briz horns. Some of the more intricate models are hand assembled. I plan on visiting the Jinbao factory and finding out for myself about their manufacturing and quality assurance processes. Of course their prices are much, much lower than Briz. The price reflects the amount of attention to detail that goes into the manufacture and final assembly of a product. I personally inspect every feature of every Jinbao manufactured Ring Wagner Tuba that I sell to make sure quality is tip-top in every way. My general observation is that Chinese quality is consistently improving over the 8 years that I have been monitoring it. I hope that helps you.

  3. Roger Kaza

    Hi, just wondered if these are exactly the same horns as the Ken Pope/Ion Balu “Alliance” horn. Would love to try a couple.

    Roger Kaza
    Principal Horn
    St. Louis Symphony

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