My Search for Quality Leads to Briz


My six year search leads to Briz

Several years ago I contacted some Asian musical instrument manufacturers and suggested that they make a Wagner Tuba that would be affordable to the average horn player. I anticipated that there would be demand for thousands if quality was good. “Samples” of Wagner Tubas and other brass instruments were ordered from a few manufacturers. My excitement was high about the quality that I hoped would be built into the instruments, but my enthusiasm was dampened a bit by some of the items I received. Although they were uniformly gorgeous in appearance, certain features had me concerned. One concern was the practical metallurgy of the valve construction. Brass that contains a relatively high percentage of zinc is prone to a process called dezincification. Another process that can adversely affect brass musical instruments is galvanic corrosion. This is caused by contact between highly dissimilar metals. Because of those concerns and other issues, it did not appear to me that the quality had arrived at the level I was hoping for.

In 2013 I discovered Briz. I took a close look at the construction and found that the valve rotors and cylinders were made out of slightly different materials, one of which was always nickel silver. The machining was exquisite. I immediately knew that these horns were built by someone who understood metallurgy. This is world class quality. The quality did not stop with the valves.. Every part of a Briz hand made horn is loaded with similar high quality features.

As I played the horns it was thrilling to find that the quality went beyond appearance and construction. Each note was clear and pure. No wolf notes. There was great slotting in the high range and immediate response in the low range. I couldn’t stop thinking about Briz so I ended up taking one home with me.


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