Zeng Yun Takes Second Playing Briz 2000 Horn

Zeng Yun Plays Briz 2000
Zeng Yun Plays Briz 2000

I have used the above photo without permission.

Zeng Yun took second place in the International Horn Competition of America in August. Here is a link to the write up on the Briz website.


Please come back to this website after reading.

Its interesting to me that he plays what appears to be a yellow brass horn with a garland or kranz on the bell flare. I also prefer the yellow brass horn with a garland. When I played yellow brass 2000 Briz horns at the music convention in Anaheim it seemed that the tone and control was slightly improved for my playing when I used a bell flare with a garland. The gold brass and nickel silver Briz 2000 horns did not seem to need the flare with a kranz to achieve the sound and stability that my playing technique seems to need.

Here is another link to Zeng Yun. If I read it correctly is he only a teenager even now?


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